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Artfully Crafting Classic Cocktails

Locally owned and operated, Volstead Bar takes patrons back to the fascinating days of the speakeasy by artfully crafting classic cocktails. Housed in what was the old Dorn Winery and later the Green Door brothel, the Green Door Building is shrouded in Sandusky lore and has seen an array of tenants throughout the years.

Combining these intriguing historical remnants with the speakeasy practices of the aforementioned years, Volstead Bar harkens back to the days of Old Sandusky amidst the New Sandusky renaissance.


Volstead Classic Cocktails

Here are a few choice selections of some of our signature drinks
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Volstead Bar & Speakeasy - Sandusky Ohio

The Green Door

Gin & TonicWatershed Four Peel, Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic
Lime, Lemon, Orange Flower Water, Rosemary

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Volstead Bar Blood and Sand Cocktail

Blood & Sand

Johnnie Walker Red, Sweet Vermouth, Orange Juice, Cherry Heering
One of the few original classic cocktails that includes scotch, it was named for Rudolph Valentino’s 1922 bullfighter movie Blood and Sand. The red juice from the blood orange that was first used in the drink helped connect it to the film.

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Volstead Bar & Speakeasy Caipirinha


Brazilian Style
Cachaça, Lime, Granulated Sugar
Puerto Rican Style
Don Q Rum, Lime, Granulated Sugar
A national cocktail of Brazil, the original base mixture was used in Sao Paulo apothecaries to aid victims of the Spanish Flu. Eventually, the garlic and honey were removed, replaced with sugar, ice and more rum—the modern day Caipirinha.

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